Because the KDS Micronex:

  • Converts moist heterogeneous biomass and other materials to uniform dry powders in a single process step.
  • Reduces and or eliminates disposal costs for your process wastes.
  • Reduces overall grinding and drying cost.
  • Reduces the footprint required for your drying process. The KDS machine is compact and vertically oriented to reduce valuable space requirements.
  • Reduces the economies of scale of your wood densification process. Grind, dry and densify two tons per hour or less of wood fiber profitably.
  • Produces uniform small particle size material suitable for use in numerous value added products.
  • Reduces waste product odors by drying efficiently.
  • Reduces waste product volumes to save on shipping costs.
  • Reduces or eliminates bacterial load in processed material.
  • Reuses and recycles low grade waste heat cost effectively, improving overall integrated industrial process economics.
  • Improves the shelf life of byproducts.
  • Dries moist materials without the need for a combustion- derived heat source. The process is powered entirely by electricity.
  • Achieves positive, close tolerances of particle sizes required for high value downstream products.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for air emissions controls on your biomass drying equipment. The KDS dries at low operating temperatures, below the volatilization temperature of many VOC’s.
  • Improves chemical and biological reactivity of biomass due to fine particle size.
  • Allows and encourages new process and product development. The KDS is a closed system, air lock to air lock, allowing good control and modification of the process environment.

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