Overview of the KDS Micronex
KDS Micronex

The KDS Micronex™ grinder-dryer employs intense kinetic energy to simultaneously pulverize and dewater a wide variety of virgin and recovered materials into fine dry powders. The innovative vertical shaft impact mill design incorporates high rotational speed and high velocity airflows to achieve superior grinding and drying results without requiring supplemental heat. Addition of supplemental or waste heat may be used to increase machine throughput. The energy used for drying can be as low as one-third the energy used by a drum dryer and no secondary grinding process is required. An internal classifier in the unit controls the output particle size to between 100–2,000 microns. The production rate ranges between 1–4 tons per hour depending on the raw material characteristics and moisture removal required. While many conventional grinding or milling systems require dried feed material, the KDS Micronex™ can process materials containing up to 70% moisture and can reduce them to less than 10% moisture.

Machine Specifications: KDS S-8KDS Micronex

Feed Rate:
1–4 tons per hour

Feed Size:
Up to 15 cm (6”) in length

Output Size:
100 to 2,000 microns (biomass)

Machine Size:
25’ H x 15’ D x 12’ W

Machine Weight:
20,000 lbs.

HP 250–500, 50–100, 10, 2, 2, 2
Electric or other power

Power Consumption:
175–500 kW

System can be fully automated orrun with one to two staff

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