Innovative Grinding & Drying Technology

The KDS Micronex™ system efficiently and economically converts virtually any organic material into homogenous, fine, dry powders ideal for use in renewable energy production, biomass pellets, bio-based products manufacture, fertilizer, and animal feed.

The patented KDS Micronex™ extreme velocity impact mill simultaneously grinds and dries a wide range of biomass (wood, biomass energy crops,paper mill residuals, animal manures and agricultural waste) into fine, dry powders with excellent handling, absorption and combustion characteristics in a single step process. Operator controls on the KDS Micronex™ allow real-time adjustments in particle size, moisture content and rate of production of the final product, providing for the ability to customize production to meet the end users’ specifications.

Advantages of Grinding & Drying Biomass

Grinding and drying biomass adds value to the material. Fine, dry biomass powders have numerous valuable reuse applications that are not viable for coarse heterogeneous materials with high moisture content. Biomass powders are stable, easily stored and handled and they can be cost effectively transported to end user markets. As a fuel, dry biomass powders have an increased BTU value and burn with the characteristics of a liquid fuel, making them an attractive renewable energy option for biological or chemical conversion or co-firing at existing fossil fuel boilers.

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