Innovative Bio-Fuel Technology

The innovative and patented KDS biomass fuel preparation system facilitates the immediate replacement of solid fossil fuels in existing industrial and utility boilers with biomass fuel. Existing solid fuel boilers can utilize the KDS-processed fuel with few, if any, boiler changes.

The patented KDS Micronex™ extreme velocity impact mill simultaneously grinds and dries a wide range of biomass (wood, biomass energy crops and agricultural waste) into a fine, dry, powdered fuel with excellent combustion characteristics in a single process. The fine biomass powder produced by the KDS process burns in suspension in a high intensity flame and fuel flow is easily controlled to accommodate changing boiler loads. Operator controls on the KDS Micronex™ allow real time adjustments in particle size, moisture content and rate of production of the final product.

Advantages of Powder Burning to Create PowerAdvantages of Powder Burning to Create Power

Fine, dry biomass powders burn with the characteristics of a liquid fuel. The
KDS Micronex™ converts an extremely wide variety of heterogeneous biomass raw materials (wood, bark, nut shells,etc.) into bio-fuel powders with uniform combustion characteristics.

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