Dairy Bedding for Cows and Other Farm Animals

Clean Cow Premium Dairy Bedding is a premium bedding product designed to deliver total farm health from stall to field. Clean Cow bedding is a pH adjusted blend of thermo-mechanically processed virgin wood fiber, cellulose fiber, lime and clay. Clean Cow bedding is custom formulated to meet your farm’s particular needs; fiber, lime and clay content can all be modified per your specifications.

Clean Cow Premium Dairy Bedding

Why Choose KDS Micronex™?

Single Step Process: The KDS Micronex™ eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment to achieve your material processing goals. The KDS Micronex combines grinding, drying, and fine- milling into one simple compact piece of equipment that is easy to operate, maintain, and permit.

Why Choose KDS Micronex?

Innovative Grinding & Drying Technology

The KDS Micronex™ efficiently grinds and dries a wide variety of materials up to six inches in length and 65% moisture content and converts them into dry powders or saw dust like materials suitable for use in numerous value- added applications.

Grinding & Drying Technology

Innovative Bio-Fuel Technology

The end product produced by the KDS Micronex™  can be milled and dried to the specific needs of a biomass fuel process design, producing material suitable for use in processed biomass fuel applications such as suspension burning, gasification, wood pelleting and cellulosic ethanol production.

Bio-Fuel Technology

KDS Micronex™ Applications

Manufacture high value products from organic waste: The KDS Micronex™ allows materials processors to manufacture a wide array of value- added products from low value or waste products delivering high revenue potential to its users. The KDS system simplifies and reduces the cost of manufacturing products as diverse as wood pellets and fertilizers.

KDS Micronex Applications